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Seven Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

7 Tips to Help You Avoid Distracted Driving Life is filled with distractions. Especially today when we find life changing rapidly. You have more demands on your time. It’s tempting to eat on the run. And then there is the constant bombardment by technology. Phone calls. Text messages. Traffic updates. Breaking news. According to the [...]

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Beat the Heat: Heat Safety Tips

Beat the Heat: Heat Safety for your Employees While idyllic images of summer — swimming, sipping a glass of lemonade, and grilling — might be nice, the reality of summer can be brutal for those who find themselves working outside during a heat wave. In Texas, we know to expect heat waves even long after [...]

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Hotchkiss Helps Supports Soldiers’ Angels with $33,040 Donation

After supporting Soldiers' Angels through various fundraising efforts in 2019, including cornhole tournaments in Dallas and Houston offices, raffles and volunteer time, Hotchkiss Helps, the charitable arm of Hotchkiss Insurance, made a $33,040 donation to the nonprofit. Each year, Hotchkiss Helps partners with the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation to support worthy nonprofits, having given over [...]

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No One is Immune from a Cyber Attack: Best Practices

It’s generally a great thing that so many aspects of business are moving online, and we’re able to store more information in digital formats. But along with progress also comes increased exposure to cyber risk. It’s safe to say that in 2020, no one will be protected to the level that they don’t need cyber [...]

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Labor Less with Insurance Technology Trends

What companies come to mind when you think about technological advances? Apple? Amazon? Google?  Insurance may not be an industry that automatically comes to mind. However, the wind is changing! Insurance carriers are more receptive than ever before to adopt technology to improve the services they offer. Below are some examples of how the insurance [...]

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Risk Management Fundamentals: “Blocking and Tackling”

I’m not sure at this point if this familiar phrase has been used more of the years by corporate gurus or my high school football coach, but it seems to summarize a great point. That is, in any business or competitive enterprise for that matter, if you want to succeed in the long run you [...]

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Do I Need an Employee Handbook?

Employee handbooks serve as a road map and guide for your employees – no matter what size your organization is. In keeping with current best practices, we recommend that companies of every size maintain a handbook that clearly conveys their policies and protects you from litigation. Rick Montgomery, JD, senior legal editor for ThinkHR Corporation, [...]

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Learn from the June Bug: Do You Need a Cyber Insurance Policy?

“Oh sure, I have heard of cyber attacks but that’s not going to happen to me. I have my data protected. I don’t need a cyber policy. I am already paying plenty of premiums for all my other polices!” As a senior claims advocate, I see the number of cyber attacks increasing every week as [...]

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Risk Management for the Construction Industry: Tips from the Middle Ages

No, this isn’t the latest abode of a wealthy energy executive in North DFW ... it’s a picture that represents a very important principle. It’s not the foreboding, protective nature of these walls that I’m most impressed with. It’s what a would-be assailant would encounter prior to the walls, that illustrates my point. By definition, [...]

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Hotchkiss Insurance Appointed to The Hanover’s President’s Club

Hotchkiss Insurance Recognized for Exceptional Customer Commitment and Service Agency selected for The Hanover’s President’s Club   Hotchkiss Insurance was recently selected for The Hanover Insurance Group’s President’s Club, an elite group of independent insurance agencies from across the country. The Hanover’s President’s Club agencies are recognized for delivering outstanding value to their customers through their [...]

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