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Employee Benefits

In an ever-changing and complex healthcare landscape, businesses need knowledgeable benefits consultants to help navigate the multitude of options available in the market. Now more than ever, employers should be working with consultants who provide independent, creative and long-term strategic solutions.

Our Employee Benefits team offers our clients a wide range of benefits solutions including: Medical, ancillary & supplemental insurance consulting, pharmacy program management, actuarial services, data analytics, compliance services, enrollment solutions, wellness programs, and more.

Hotchkiss Employee Benefits Consulting

We have employee benefits specialists located in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio to serve our clients.

Consultative Expertise

Independent consulting strategies for medical and ancillary coverages to maximize the value of your employee benefits program and contain the costs over the long-term. Our strategies are custom built to meet your business objectives and employee needs.

Our consultative approach focuses on several key areas including:

  • Value-based consulting
  • Leading edge data analytics
  • Long-term strategies to contain costs and mitigate risks
  • Alternative financing and payment models that help clients improve cash-flow and profitability
  • Risk management strategies
  • Pharmacy consulting & PBM management strategies
  • Year-round support, service and performance analytics

Education & Engagement

Partnering with our clients to develop communication and education strategies to best fit enterprise needs and employee culture.

Helping employees understand and engage creates a more satisfactory experience for our clients and their employees. We partner with the nation’s leading medical advocacy company to provide your employees with the tools and resources needed to make the best decisions for them and their families.

Administration & Support

Hotchkiss clients have a dedicated Employee Benefits team to help build, manage and service their benefits offering year-round. We consider ourselves an extension of our client’s HR Team and are here to support you in all that you do.

Benefits Services include: Compliance advice and resources, Plan Sponsor requirements, custom communications, data reporting & analytics, benefits administration, wellness programs & consulting, and more.